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Prof. Mirko Raffaini MD, DDS, PhD
1977-1983: University of Parma - Italy: School of Medicine - M.D.: Department of Surgery General Surgery Internship. General Surgery, Ginecology, Plastic, Orthopedic, Microsurgery, Head and Neck, Trauma and Neurosurgery. 1983-1986: University of Parma - Italy: School of Dentistry, Specialty Training. D.D.S. 1986-1987: University-Hospital of Parma - Italy: School of Medicine and Surgery, MD. Advanced clerkships in General Surgery. 1987-1992: University of Parma: Residency in MaxilloFacial Surgery. Ph.D. 1989: Maxillo-Facial Surgery - University - Hospital DIEU - Nantes (France). 1989-1998: Assistant Professor in MaxilloFacial Surgery Department of University-Hospital of Parma (Italy). 1990-1998: Consultant Teknon Clinic. Barcelona - Spain. 1992: Master in Hospital Management at Economics University Bocconi of Milan. 1992-1993: University of Nancy - France: School of Medicine and Surgery, MD. in Master in Plastic Surgery. 1998: University of Milan - Italy: School of Medicine and Surgery, MD. Advanced clerkships in Plastic Surgery. 1998-2000: Assistant Professor in MaxilloFacial Surgery Department of S.Paolo Hospital - Milan (Italy). 1998-2000: Consultant San Raffaele HOSPITAL - MILAN. Since 2000: Consultant Sick Children Hospital Mayer-Florence (Craniofacial malformations). Since 2000: Consultant Trauma Center Hospital - Careggi - Florence Training in maxillo-facial surgery and in plastic - aesthetic surgery with the following Fellowships attendances: Maxillofacial surgery CHU Nantes (France) 1986 and 1989 with grant Hopital Necker Paris (France) 1990 with grant Plastic Surgery Universidad Nacional Ciudad del Mexico 1990 with grant Maxillofacial surgery CantonSpitale Zurich (Swiss) 1991 Cranio-facial Surgery at Paul Tessier Clinic Paris (France) 1991 MaxilloFacial Surgery of Baylor College Dallas 1995 with grant Plastic Surgery at UCLA Los Angeles - California 1995 with grant Arnett Jaws Surgery Centre S.Barbara California 1995 Plastic Surgery Southwestern University - Texas Dallas 2003 Teaching Employment: Visiting Professor at the University of Parma (1992-1998), Milan (1998-2003), Pisa (1990-1992), Chieti (1993-1996). 2000 - today Associate Professor of Maxillo-Facial Surgery - University of Florence (Italy). Author of more than 150 scientific pubblications on maxillo-facial and plastic surgery topics and 3 monographic books. Visiting Professor of Maxillo-Facial Surgery - UNIVERSIDAT INTERNATIONAL DE CATALUNA UIC), Barcellona SPAIN (2010-2016); Boston University (BU) USA (2014) Private practice: Orthofacial Surgery Unit - Clinic Villa Letizia of Milan Director FACE SURGERY Center -Parma (exlusively aesthetic and orthognathic surgery center).
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