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Dr. Gerd Körner
Bielefeld, Germany
Curriculum vitae:
1970 - 1975 graduated from dental school of WWU Münster
1975 - 1977 general dentist at the German Army
1977 - 1980 post graduated education at the Perio Department of WWU Münster
1979 Doctorate
1981 commenced dental office in Bielefeld/ specialized in periodontics
1983 promoted to specialist for periodontics
since 1990 keynote speaker to numerous national and international scientific congresses, teaching for different dental institutes in the fields of periodontics and implantology, different publications concerning periodontics, aesthetics and implantology
1996 published textbook: Art Oral with Klaus Müterthies, direct publication, 1996
since 1997 board member of different clinical journals, "Implantologie", "Team work", etc.
1999 specialized in "Implantology" - BDIZ
since 2007 faculty member of the German Society of Periodontology and Dresden International University (DIU), responsible for master program module: "Decision making in modern periodontal concepts"
since 2011 published textbook: ArtOral: Noninvasiv - Minimalinvasiv - Invasiv, Quintessence Berlin, 2011
since 2015 Active Member of the EAED (European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)

Main topics:
• plastic periodontal surgery
• soft and hard tissue management around implants
• aesthetics in perio- prosthodontics
• aesthetics and implants
• minimal invasive restorative and surgical techniques
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